Grantham 1st 2011.2 copyThe Wayne County Humane Society is once again excited to offer you a unique, hands-on program for the up coming school year. The WCHS is bringing an atmosphere of kindness, compassion and pet awareness to Wayne County schools under the leadership of Suzi Wharton, WCHS Board Member. Our program objectives go beyond the teaching of basic pet care and include helping students not only to develop empathy toward people and animals, but also to be active participants in the welfare of their community.

The Companion Animal Classroom Presentation is 30-45 minutes long, includes an animal visitor (a dog), grade appropriate class     presentation, a vocabulary list and activity suggestions. We also offer a presentation without the animal visitor, if preferred. This is an exciting, educational and fun experience for your students. For more information or to reserve a space for your class or group, please e-mail Suzl Wharton at